Different Thinking to Help Your Business

The global economy has changed.  Resource3 offers new approaches to Job Seeker training, bulk recruitment, assessment, training and technology management requirements. 


Just what you need, just when you need it.

Different Thinking for Job Seeker Success: The SAPhIR Programme

Do you manage programmes to help those experiencing difficulty to prepare for work?  Resource3 offers a range of services for assessment, training, interviews, motivation and presenting yourself for work. 


Find out more about the SAPhiR Programme of seminars and workshops.

Different Thinking on Assessment and Bulk Recruitment

Do you undertake bulk assessment and recruitment exercises? Resource3 offers experienced assessors to boost your throughput when you need it. 

Find out more about our Assessment and Recruitment Campaign Support.

Different Thinking on Recruitment

Resource3 offers a highly cost effective solution to your recruitment needs.  Your recruitment costs could reduce significantly and your success rates improve.

Find out more about our different thinking on Recruitment.


Resource3 offers a range of candidate services.  If you have specialist skills and are looking for a role that is rarely advertised, Resource3 can help open doors for you. Find out about our Candidate Services.

Technology and Change Management


Got a great product idea but need practical help on choosing the right development path? Are you struggling with internal or client technology projects?  Do you need to change the way your business operates to stay ahead?

Find out more about our different thinking on Technology and Change Management.