Providing the expertise when you need it
Providing the expertise when you need it

Recruitment - Your Way

Make It Personal

Recruiting new staff is time consuming and takes resource away from the core business. Traditional agencies can charge hefty fees based on the salary of each successful candidate which may not reflect the actual effort.

Resource3 offer a different solution, combining the benefits of external recruitment at the same, or lower, cost of internal recruitment. We can charge by the hour for an experienced professional recruiter.  Regardless of how many vacancies you are looking to fill, or the salaries offered, you will only pay for the time you need.

Our Bespoke Offer Includes:


Role Specification Resource3 will meet with you and write, or offer guidance on, role specifications and current market rates.  
Advertising All vacancies will be advertised under your company name  maximising your business exposure on job boards.  Recruitment gives a positive message to the marketplace.  Why not gain from that exposure?
Response Management Resource3 will take all advertisement responses, including those from agencies.  Resource3 will acknowledge all candidates giving a positive impression of your company.  Resource3 will actively promote your vacancy to the right markets.
Compliance Resource3 will ensure that proof of right to work, qualifications and other compliance or background check documentation is in place before a candidate is presented to you.
Offer Resource3 can offer impartial guidance on the offer.  Remember that Resource3 fees are not related to the successful candidate offer.
Candidate Management

Resource3 can arrange start dates, check references and make regular contact with the successful candidate to minimise the risk of counter offer.

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