Providing the expertise when you need it
Providing the expertise when you need it

Practical Project Management Coaching and Mentoring


It is vital for an organisation to invest in training employees if they are to maintain standards, delivery quality products, promote innovation, and retain valued resources.  But is your organisation getting the maximum results from investment in training?


Bridging the Gap from Formal Certification to Practical Implementation

With project and delivery managers, there are a multitude of options for certifications in every methodology.  The newly certified employee can return from a training course full of motivation but finds that it evaporates quickly as they have no idea how to implement any of the new ideas in their working environment.  This can lead to training having an negative impact on retention if they seek opportunities elsewhere to use the new knowledge.

Most methodologies talk about culture change in the organisation. This can be daunting for an employee to try to implement upwards, downwards, and sideways, even if that was the reason for the training.

If you have a methodology change objective, but you know your employees will need more than a certificate to make that happen, we can help.  Resource3 offer bespoke training, development, and mentoring to bridge the gap from the formal methodology to the practicalities of implementing in a production environment. Help your employees get the most out of their training and your company to get the most out of formal training investment.


Bridging the Skills Gap Left by Day Rate Contractors

If you are now prevented from using contractors to provide project skills, your only choices are to close the project or to upskill your existing and recruit new permanent resources to fill those gaps.

That is not going to be easy or straightforward and many projects will falter or fail as a result.

Resource3 associates are all highly experienced professionals who have provided consultancy services in IT and software delivery.  We now offer these skills in a support and mentoring capacity to help projects keep on track during transition away from contractors.


Resource3 can offer highly flexible options that follow our company mantra – use what you need, when you need it.  Why not contact us and see if we can help your team and projects succeed?

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