Providing the expertise when you need it
Providing the expertise when you need it

SAPhIR Success

Course comments are dominated by references to learning new interview techniques and increased confidence in attendees' own abilities.  This Word Cloud has been created from recent adult course comments.



For School Leavers

Resource3, in association with Bright Yellow Thinking Ltd, have recently run a successful series of one-day workshops for school leavers (age 15-18) in Central Scotland. 


100% of attendees said that these workshops helped them feel more confident about the process of finding employment.


From the course evaluation comments, some common themes emerged. For many, the SAPhIR Programme Workshop was the first time the young adults had come across the tips and techniques to improve job search skills.  Many stated that they felt the workshop covered areas not covered in the course content of Personal and Social Education classes.

For Adult Job Seekers

Resource3 runs regular courses for adult job seekers.  Below are some of the statistics from the course evaluation sheets filled out by the course attendess from several courses.

 On a scale of one (poor) to ten (excellent):


98% of attendees rated the course 8 or over for usefulness

 On a scale of one (poor) to ten (excellent):


98% of attendees rated the course presenter as 8 or over

94% of attendees believe the course will
help them with their job search and success.

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